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refurbishing my old lovely drums

My new old Lady #Hayman drums.
Refurbished including nice bearing edges made by #Pommerenke!
Sounds sooo good💣💪🏿

about the set

This Hayman is actually 2 drum sets. I bought the first one (with the sizes BD 20×13, SN14x5, Tom 13×9 and 16×16) from an old widow. She told me that her husband was a professional drummer. This was twenty-six years ago. Back then I  became a fan of these old drums and so I bought another set with the sizes BD 24×14, Tom 12×8 & 14×14 (which is not seen very often). I played these drums a lot in the studio and live, they fit every style and never turned their back on me:) It is really my working horse!

why refurbishing?

As much as I love this set, over the years it became a horror to get it in tune! I realized that the time has come to fix the problem, otherwise I’d have to buy a new vintage set. My drum friends kept telling me about this guy Pommes (Pommerenke), who is a master drum builder from Berlin. I gave him all my Hayman drums (and trust) and he did his magic. Maybe I’ll tell u later but the snare drum…man it’s  not the same in a very positive way:) It sounds so sensitive I could flip out…

I will make a drum video with all the details, including a sound demo with all my beloved vintage studio gear.


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