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What am I doing all day besides practicing, teaching or playing live?

Absolutely right, I am making samples of my drums and my own groove ideas. I came up with this idea while I was organizing my equipment (let me say it got a little bit out of control over the years). I am lucky to own several vintage drums, cymbals and a lot of snares, so I thought it would be great to sample and collect them, put them into loops and save everything on my computer. I contacted one of my friends, whose company is working with audio software. He was excited and interested to build a prototype. So this is exactly what we are working on right now.

sugar snare

Here we are…Yesterday the foundation stone for our project was laid. I am currently using my old Star Set (later Tama), which is made of mahogany. The snare is made of metal, but sounds great. Some of you may ask why I am using all these vintage drums. There are many reasons, for example their dynamic which is different from most high-tech produced drums that are used nowadays. Furthermore their sound is much warmer which is because of the bearing edges.  Another big advantage is that they have been played a lot, so they are kind of more “warmed up” than newer drums.

Star rec

After we collected everything we are going to do a midi session to record Loops/Tracks and Fills with E drums. Thereby we will create a wide range of effect machines that people can use to work with the samples….Of which more later. I will keep you posted


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